Third Eye Strategies Principal Stephen Clermont has conducted and managed hundreds of surveys. Every survey is custom designed to meet a client’s unique needs. Within each survey, sampling and question construction are rigorous and conform to the highest standards of the industry. We also use all available tools to achieve the best results for your particular needs – phone polls, online interviewing, mail surveys, and face-to-face interviews. After collecting the data, we provide data to the client within hours and within days provide detailed and understandable analysis using all available statistical analysis tools. Third Eye Strategies regularly examines all publically available polling to identify new ideas and approaches in order to determine in the most accurate, useful, and efficient way what the public is thinking and what influences their decisions.

Focus groups
To drill down further into how voters make decisions, Third Eye Strategies provides in-depth focus group research that allows campaigns to study the public’s viewpoints in a more natural setting than a one-on-one interview or by telephone interview. We manage every facet of the process to ensure the highest quality. We write the discussion guide, recruit the participants, and moderate the groups. These discussions better allow campaigns to get feedback on advertising as well get instant responses to a variety of potential messages.

Electoral Targeting
Electoral targeting is the examination of the historical voting tendencies and trends of voters in a selected political district. Third Eye Strategies conducts this research and provides a detailed analysis before any polling begins. This analysis is provided at no additional cost to the campaign. The goal of the analysis is to categorize districts according to relevant criteria, such as whether they will be favorable, persuadable or hostile; whether they vote heavily or lightly and whether or not they are prone to “swing voting.” Targeting provides a rational basis for formulating campaign strategy and eliminates subjective (and often inaccurate) “guess work.”

By properly categorizing districts, electoral targeting maximizes the efficient use of such scarce campaign resources as money, candidate time and volunteer time by applying these resources to where they will do the most good. Targeting will vary depending on the campaign’s size and focus. A statewide campaign, for instance, might target on the county level to determine media buying strategy and then target individual precincts within counties to organize volunteer door-to-door canvassing activities. Almost any well organized and staffed campaign will eventually find itself with the need to target at the precinct level.

Online Strategy
It’s impossible to escape the internet. Every campaign needs a website, and its content has to effectively and efficiently convey the campaign’s message. Third Eye Strategies has experience in designing sites and evaluating the content to ensure that the correct message reaches the voter. Third Eye Strategies also has relationships with companies that provide database services and hosting at an affordable price.

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