Values drive Americans to get involved in the political process. Third Eye Strategies defines its values simply:

  • Supporting and helping those committed to making government work for every citizen, and
  • Placing the maintenance and preservation of traditions, heritage, and native lands higher than the pursuit of short-term profit.

The clients and issue campaigns Third Eye Strategies has advised best express the values we share:

  • Holding elected members of Congress accountable for votes that threaten children’s health, education, and safety;
  • Reducing the influence of special interest money in campaigns;
  • Treating those with terminal illnesses compassionately;
  • Protecting native lands and national monuments from road development;
  • Securing greater funding for police and firefighters;
  • Expanding arts and cultural activities; and
  • Guaranteeing that Native American tribes keep the revenue generated on their land.

And most importantly, working for the election of Democratic candidates to local, state, and federal offices.

Getting the government to work to ensure equality of opportunity for every citizen instead of wealthy special interests requires electing better candidates.

Third Eye Strategies seeks to work with campaigns committed to defending these ideals and vision for the future.

The Values of Third Eye Strategies Mario Cuomo’s 1984 Keynote Address (Some Dated References, but the Message Remains More Relevant than Ever)

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